Know About Bitcoin and Litcoin


Bitcoin is a unique kind of crypto currency that is completely digital and yet highly reliable and now available around the globe. Thousands of companies and merchants now accept the bit coins, which can be used to buy varieties of products. Giant companies like Microsoft and Dell are now accepting the bit coins. Who knew that bit coins were to be such a success and a form of alternative money which has potential to revolutionize the complete way in which we deal with our finances?

Not only this, bit coins are not regulated by banks and are now popular worldwide as a means to transfer money in faster ways without involving banks as inter mediating partners. This provided the consumers the ultimate freedom to use their bit coins in their own unique way.

Bitcoin store is the official partner company which provided you the freedom to purchase various goods involving your favorite gadgets and electronic goods using the bit coins that you have. The transactions made are completely safe and secure. It is one of the most innovative way to get your digital crypto currency- the bit coins in cashed.


Since the time the bit coins were out into the public domain, a huge need was felt for another currency, preferably another crypto currency which is of the similar nature, allows its owners to have greater freedoms, and is fast in terms of transaction times. Lit coins did the same. It improved upon the bit coins and is now considered more reliable and easier form of crypto currency.

Litcoins have sought much of media and public attention, and like bit coins is now generally accepted as an alternative standard form of crypto currency. Unlike bit coins the lit coins take smaller transaction time and have greater potential of grown. One transaction of bit coins takes ten minutes, while one transaction of litcoins takes just two and a half minute.

The lit coin network has almost four times greater potential of growth. This can be ascertained from the fact that the litcoin network will produce eighty four million litcoins while bit coin network will just produce twenty one million bit coins in total. The litcoin uses a different scrypt algorithm and has greater potential. Give the same computing time and memory space; a litcoin network will produce almost double coins as compared to bit coins.


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